Pseuderanthemum latifolium – Malabar False Eranthemum

Other notes

Other Name CombinationsPseuderanthemum malabaricum (WFO, 2023).

Natural History: Native Perennial Subshrub.
A perennial subshrub found in the moist deciduous to evergreen tropical forests of Indian Subcontinent to West Malaysia. Leaves are thick, smooth and elliptic in shape. Flowers are white with pink dots and borne in small terminal clusters. Flowering season is from December to March (Flowers of India, 2023).

Vernacular Names: Kannada: Bili Gorante (ಬಿಳಿ ಗೋರಂಟೆ);  Malayalam: Chuttimulla (ചുട്ടിമുല്ല)  Marathi: Malabari Aboli (मलबारी अबोली) (Flowers of India, 2023).

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