There are two predominant ways to contribute observations to the Butterflies of India project:

Contributing image-based observations through the website: We very much welcome your contributions in the form of observations (mainly individual/multiple photographs per observation, but also identification keys, line drawings, etc.). These observations could show distinctive characteristics of a butterfly species, or its morphological variation, habits, habitat, early stages (eggs, caterpillars and pupae), and so on, or simply a spot record. The media files associated with observations will form a bulk of the species pages, along with the textual information that we are updating all the time.  If this is the first time you are considering contributing to Butterflies of India, please read the guidelines for observation submission before submitting your files and associated information.

Contributing regional and daily checklists, count data, etc.: The Butterflies of India mobile app is part of the Biodiversity Atlas – India mobile app. The app also has advanced features to record field data on species occurrence and populations, making it a truly comprehensive citizen science platform. You can download the BioAtlasIndia mobile app from Google Play store, and read more about the app here.


You can also contribute information in other ways:

Contributing to species pages and other biology pages: Creating detailed species pages is a critical aspect of the development of the Butterflies of India website. If you would like to volunteer to create a species page, please email us before you start writing the text to see if anyone else is working on it, and to get specific guidance for that species. Read more here.


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