The following states and union territories of India have notified State/Territory Butterflies:

State Butterfly of Arunachal Pradesh: Kaiser-i-Hind (Teinopalpus imperialis). Notified in 2021.

State Butterfly of Goa: Malabar Tree-Nymph (Idea malabarica). Notified in 2021.

Butterfly of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir: Blue Pansy (Junonia orithya). Notified in 2023.

State Butterfly of Karnataka: Sahyadri Birdwing (Troides minos). Also known as the Southern Birdwing. Notified in 2016.

State Butterfly of Kerala: Malabar Banded Peacock (Papilio buddha).

State Butterfly of Maharashtra: Blue Mormon (Papilio polymnestor). Blue Mormon is now a subspecies of Papilio agenor (also see a note about recent changes to Papilio taxonomy).

State Butterfly of Sikkim: Blue Duke (Bassarona durga). Notified in 2022.

State Butterfly of Tamil Nadu: Tamil Yeoman (Cirrochroa thais). Notified in 2019.

State Butterfly of Tripura: Common Birdwing (Troides helena). Notified in 2019.

State Butterfly of Uttarakhand: Common Peacock (Papilio bianor). This should now be Woolly-branded Peacock (Papilio polyctor), which at the time of state notification was included as a subspecies under the Common Peacock (Papilio bianor). The currently recognized subspecies of P. bianor occur in NE India, not in Uttarakhand (also see a note about recent changes to Papilio taxonomy).


National Butterflies:



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