Passiflora spp. – Passion Flowers

Other notes

Taxonomic Information: Following species are found in India.
1) Passiflora caerulea – Blue Passion Flower (Introduced)
2) Passiflora coccinea – Red Passion Flower (Introduced)
3) Passiflora edulis – Passion Fruit (Introduced)
4) Passiflora foetida – Stinking Passion Flower (Naturalized)
5) Passiflora holosericea – Silky Passion Flower (Introduced)
6) Passiflora incarnata – Krishna Kamal, Passion Flower (Introduced)
7) Passiflora leschenaultii  Moon-Leaf Passion Flower (Peninsular India)
8) Passiflora ligularis  Sweet Granadilla (Introduced)
9) Passiflora maliformis  Conch Apple (Introduced)
10) Passiflora mollissima  Banana Passion Fruit (Introduced)
11) Passiflora napalensis  Nepal Passion Flower (East Himalaya)
12) Passiflora quadrangularis - Giant Granadilla (Introduced)
13) Passiflora suberosa – Corky Passion Flower (Introduced)
14) Passiflora subpeltata  White Passion Flower (Introduced)
15) Passiflora vitifolia – Perfumed Passion Flower (Introduced)

and following cultivars are commonly cultivated in India:
1) Passiflora ‘Soi Fah’ (Passiflora incarnata × laurifolia)
2) Passiflora ‘Lady Margaret’ (Passiflora coccinea × incarnata)
3) Passiflora × violacea (Passiflora caerulea × princeps)

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