Indigofera linifolia – Narrowleaf Indigo

Other notes

Natural History: Native Perennial Herb.
It is a perennial trailing herb found in tropical Asia to Australia. Leaves are simple, linear-lanceolate, and velvety. Its pea-like flowers are bright red, emerging in axillary loose clusters. The fruits are round, velvety pods containing a single, smooth, brown-black seed (eFlora of India 2024; Flowers of India 2024; POWO 2024; WFO 2024).

Vernacular Names: Assamese: Neel gosh (নীল গছ);  Bengali: Bhangra (ভাঙড়া);  Gujarati: Jhinaki gali (ઝીણકી ગળી), Nani gali (નાની ગળી);  Hindi: Bhangra (भंगरा), Bhurbhura (भुरभुरा), Pandarphali (पाण्डरफली), Ratanjot (रतनजोत), Ratnamala (रत्नमाला), Torki (तोर्की);  Kannada: Ganjikasa (ಗಂಜಿಕಸ);  Konkani: Torki (तोर्की);  Marathi: Barbada (बरबाडा), Lal godhadi (लाल गोधडी), Pandharphali (पांढरफळी), Torki (तोर्की);  Punjabi: Torki (ਤੋਰਕੀ);  Rajasthani: Lambio bekario (लांबीयौ बेकरियौ) (Flowers of India 2024).

Ethnobotany: The seeds are ground into flour, either alone or mixed with cereals like millet, and consumed as bread during famines (Flowers of India, 2024).

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