Grewia hirsuta – Nagbala

Larval Host Plant

Caprona alida – Alida Angle

Other notes

Natural History: A shrub found in grasslands, moist and dry deciduous forests of peninsular India. Leaves are lanceolate, velvety. Flowers are white. Fruits are small hairy drupe, red when ripe. Flowering occurs in rainy season.


Notes: This plant has been recorded as a new larval host plant for Caprona alida – Alida Angle by Ashok Sengupta from Bengaluru, Karnataka in August 2020.

This plant has been reported as a larval host for Caprona ransonnettii – Golden Angle from Sri Lanka (Jayasinghe et al., 2014). It might be used in India, too, but this needs confirmation.



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