Cryptolepis buchananii – Wax Leaved Climber

Other notes

Other Name Combinations: Cryptolepis dubia (WFO, 2023).


Natural History: A climbing shrub, growing along the forest paths in deciduous and semi-evergreen forests of the Indian subcontinent. It excludes milky latex if injured. Leaves are elliptical, glabrous and shining. Flowers are greenish-yellow and borne in clusters. Fruits are paired, cylindrical pods.



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Page citation

Kawthankar, N. 2024. Cryptolepis buchananii Roem. & Schult. – Wax Leaved Climber. In Kunte, K., S. Sondhi, and P. Roy (Chief Editors). Butterflies of India, v. 4.12. Published by the Indian Foundation for Butterflies. URL:, accessed 2024/05/24.