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Gaurav Agavekar: I have completed my BSc in Microbiology from University of Pune and currently I am working in Dr. Krushnamegh Kunte's lab at NCBS, Bengaluru, as a project trainee. During this academic hiatus, I am trying to get some research experience and learn various techniques used in Biology. As a young naturalist I have always been fascinated by the diversity we have among Indian butterflies which encouraged me to start studying butterflies seriously from the past couple of years. My main interests are ecology, evolution and genetics of butterflies.




Rohan Lovalekar: I survey and monitor butterflies in the northern Western Ghats. I have especially been studying their species richness and seasonal occurrences, and swarming and migratory behavior of Crow (Euploea) and Blue Tiger (Tirumala) butterflies. I am based in Chiplun in the coastal Konkan region of  Maharashtra, and work at the Bank of Maharashtra. I also volunteer with the  Chiplun-based nature-related NGO, Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra.


Shantanu Joshi:
I am a Zoology student from Mumbai with keen interest in odonates (especially Zygoptera) and butterflies. I like photographing butterflies and other wildlife. I am currently working on various projects concerning odonates and butterflies. You can e-mail me to know more about my work.


Subramanyam Kalluri: I worked in Chemical Laboratories of the Atomic Minerals Division, Department of Atomic Energy, for 34 years and retired in 2009 as Scientific Officer. I enjoyed my childhood in a small village on the banks of Godavari River. My love for nature led me to nature photography and trekking (nine Himalayan treks and many other). At present, I am involved in conservation activities in order to slow down degradation of planet earth. Since 2006 I have been photographically documenting butterflies of Andhra Pradesh.

Rohit Girotra 

Rohit Girotra:
I am originally from Hyderabad, settled in Bangalore for more than 10 years now. I am a management professional with over 16 years of experience in logistics, banking and order management fields, currently working with Oracle India in their Finance division. I am an avid nature lover and feel very passionately about butterflies. I have been photographing butterflies in Karnataka from 2010 onwards. Since 2012 along with a few like-minded individuals, I have been studying seasonal population and community dynamics of butterflies in Bangalore.

Yuwaraj Gurjar

Yuwaraj Gurjar: I work with Raymond Ltd. as Asst. Manager in the Commercial Dept. Nature/wildlife photography is my hobby and macro insect photography is my main interest. I visit many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries throughout India year around, something that I have done for the past 22 years. I have won prizes in several photography competitions, and my photos have been exhibited in numerous international photo exhibition. I published a Marathi book on butterflies in 1994, and now I run a Marathi blog on butterflies. I have published over 450 nature-related photo articles in Times of India and other regional and national newspapers and magazines. I regularly organize nature camps in Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Corbett, Ranthambhor, Bharatpur and Tadoba National Parks. I have conducted photography workshops on wildlife and macro photography in various schools, colleges and other institutes. I actively participate in wildlife census for Maharashtra and Karnataka State Forest Departments. Email me or visit my website if you want to learn more about my work.


Arjan Basu Roy: My primary interest is documentation of various life forms, with main focus on butterflies. I am still a learner, but I just joined graduate school to receive formal training in biology since I was previously not trained in sciences. With Rudra Prasad Das and Prosanta Mukherjee I have authored a small book, entitled "Common Butterflies of Bengal Plains". I am a professional Printing Technologist and run my own printing business. I am also a founding member of a nature club called Nature Mates. Email me to learn more.


K. Rafeek: I am a naturalist with a social conscience and love for organic farming. A bird-watcher turned butterfly enthusiast, I like to see how best our habitations could become equally attractive to butterflies. I am an engineer by profession, with energy optimization in mind. I am from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, but presently work in the Middle East. Email me to learn more.


Vedawati Padwal: I am commercial artist (BFA) graduated from Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art. I am a commercial photographer by profession and nature/wildlife photography is my hobby. I have won several prizes in national and international photography competitions. My photographs have been exhibited in many national and international photo exhibitions. Email me or visit my Flickr photos to learn more.


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