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Lepidoptera > Papilionoidea > Lycaenidae > Theclinae > Aphnaeini > Spindasis

Spindasis schistacea (Moore, [1881]) – Plumbeous Silverline

Subspecies in India:

No subspecies are listed under this species.

Early Stages:
Indian and global distribution:
records (based on images):
Larval Host Plants:
Quisqualis (Robinson et al. 2010), Combretum indicum (Robinson et al. 2010) (Combretaceae). Antidesma ghaesembilla (Robinson et al. 2010) (Phyllanthaceae). Acacia caesia (Robinson et al. 2010), Acacia pennata (Robinson et al. 2010) (Fabaceae). Sorbaria sorbifolia (Robinson et al. 2010) (Rosaceae).

Key Reference:
Nitin, R., V. C. Balakrishnan, P. V. Churi, S. Kalesh, S. Prakash, and K. Kunte. 2018. Larval host plants of the butterflies of the Western Ghats, India. Journal of Threatened Taxa, 10:11495–11550.

For the complete list of larval host plants of Indian butterflies, see the page on larval host plants.

Sexual, seasonal & individual variation:
Status, Habitat and Habits:

Lepidoptera > Papilionoidea > Lycaenidae > Theclinae > Aphnaeini > Spindasis

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