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Lepidoptera > Papilionoidea > Papilionidae > Papilioninae > Troidini > Pachliopta

Pachliopta aristolochiae (Fabricius, 1775) – Common Rose

Subspecies in India:

(1) Pachliopta aristolochiae aristolochiae (Fabricius, 1775) – Indian Common Rose
(2) Pachliopta aristolochiae goniopeltis (Rothschild, 1908) – Indo-Chinese Common Rose
(3) Pachliopta aristolochiae sawi (Evans, 1932) – Car Nicobar Common Rose
(4) Pachliopta aristolochiae camorta (Moore, 1877) – Camorta Common Rose
(5) Pachliopta aristolochiae kondulana (Evans, 1932) – Kondul Common Rose

Indian and global distribution:
records (based on images):
Larval Host Plants:
Aristolochia (Robinson et al. 2010), Aristolochia bracteolata (Wynter-Blyth 1957; Kunte 2000), Aristolochia griffithii (Wynter-Blyth 1957; Kunte 2000), Aristolochia indica (Wynter-Blyth 1957; Kunte 2000; Robinson et al. 2010), Aristolochia tagala (Wynter-Blyth 1957; Kunte 2000), Thottea siliquosa (Wynter-Blyth 1957; Kunte 2000) (Aristolochiaceae). Bragantia wallichii (=Thottea wallichii, see a note under Bragantia wallichii) (Robinson et al. 2010) (Aristolochiaceae). Dioscorea wallichii (Robinson et al. 2010) (Dioscoreaceae) has also been reported but this is clearly in error due to the confusion surrounding the name wallichii, which has variously been placed under Thottea and Bragantia.

Key Reference:
Nitin, R., V. C. Balakrishnan, P. V. Churi, S. Kalesh, S. Prakash, and K. Kunte. 2018. Larval host plants of the butterflies of the Western Ghats, India. Journal of Threatened Taxa, 10:11495–11550.

For the complete list of larval host plants of Indian butterflies, see the page on larval host plants.

Sexual, seasonal & individual variation:
Status, Habitat and Habits:

Lepidoptera > Papilionoidea > Papilionidae > Papilioninae > Troidini > Pachliopta

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