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Lepidoptera > Papilionoidea > Hesperiidae > Hesperiinae > Aeromachini > Halpe

Halpe spp. – Ace spp.

Subspecies in India:

At least 16 species of Halpe occur in India. Distinguishing between many of them is possible only by inspecting the specimens in hand, and often by dissecting the male genitlia. Hence, they cannot be identified easily from images of undersides alone. This page holds all the Halpe images where species identification is uncertain. Individual species pages exist for some of the Indian Halpe, see them on the Halpe genus page.

Early Stages:
Indian and global distribution:
records (based on images):
Larval Host Plants:
Sexual, seasonal & individual variation:
Status, Habitat and Habits:

Lepidoptera > Papilionoidea > Hesperiidae > Hesperiinae > Aeromachini > Halpe

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