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Lepidoptera > Papilionoidea > Nymphalidae > Limenitidinae > Limenitidini > Athyma

Athyma punctata Leech, 1890 – White-patch Sergeant

Subspecies in India:

(1) Athyma punctata punctata Leech, 1890 – Chinese White-patch Sergeant

Early Stages:
Indian and global distribution:
This species was earlier known from SE Tibet, S. China, N. Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam (Ek-Amnuay 2012; Inayoshi 2017; Io 2000). The images on Butterflies of India (BOI-cs676 and BOI-cs677, published here on 2018/01/14; and BOI-ct549 and BOI-ct550, published here on 2019/12) represent the first record of the species from Bhutan and the E. Himalaya. This was followed by sightings near Tarin-Tiibe Khoke Pass, Pange, Talle WLS, Arunachal Pradesh (images BOI-eb155 and BOI-eb156, published here on 2019/12/15), which confirm the occurrence of this species in India, and represents an addition to the butterfly fauna of India.

records (based on images):
Larval Host Plants:
Sexual, seasonal & individual variation:
Status, Habitat and Habits:
Ek-Amnuay, P. 2012. Butterflies of Thailand, 2nd edn. Baan Lae Suan (=Amarin) Printing & Publishing Co., Bangkok.

Inayoshi, Y. 2010. A Check List of Butterflies in Indo-China (chiefly from Thailand, Laos and Vietnam). Athyma punctata, accessed 2018/01/14.

Io, C. 2000. Monograph of Chinese Butterflies (revised edn.). Henan Scientific and Technological Publishing House.

Lepidoptera > Papilionoidea > Nymphalidae > Limenitidinae > Limenitidini > Athyma

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