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Lepidoptera > Papilionoidea > Hesperiidae > Hesperiinae > Taractrocerini > Potanthus

Potanthus spp. – Dart spp.

Subspecies in India:

There are 19 species of Potanthus in India. Their species-level identification is based largely on structures of the male genitalia. Hence, they cannot be identified easily based on external traits such as wing patterns. The images below thus represent the genus on the whole. We will create pages for individual species as we photograph in nature, collect and dissect specimens with confirmed species assignments, or with museum specimens.

Early Stages:
Indian and global distribution:
records (based on images):
Larval Host Plants:
Potanthus diana (Chinese Dart) - Poaceae (K. Kunte pers. obs. 2017), Imperata cylindrica (Kalesh & Prakash 2015) (Poaceae).
Potanthus pallida (Pallid Dart) - Bambusa (Wynter-Blyth 1957), Oryza (V.C. Balakrishnan pers. obs. 2017), Saccharum (V.C. Balakrishnan pers. obs. 2017) (Poaceae).
Potanthus palnia (Bright Palni Dart) - Bambusa (Wynter-Blyth 1957), Setaria barbata (Kalesh & Prakash 2015) (Poaceae).
Potanthus pava (
Oriental Pava Dart) - Bambusa (Wynter-Blyth 1957), Ochlandra travancorica (Kalesh S. & S.K. Prakash pers. obs. 2017) (Poaceae).
Potanthus pseudomaesa (Lankan Common Dart) -
Axonopus compressus (Kalesh & Prakash 2007) (Poaceae).

Key Reference:
Nitin, R., V. C. Balakrishnan, P. V. Churi, S. Kalesh, S. Prakash, and K. Kunte. 2018. Larval host plants of the butterflies of the Western Ghats, India. Journal of Threatened Taxa, 10:11495–11550.

For the complete list of larval host plants of Indian butterflies, see the page on larval host plants.

Sexual, seasonal & individual variation:
Status, Habitat and Habits:

Lepidoptera > Papilionoidea > Hesperiidae > Hesperiinae > Taractrocerini > Potanthus

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