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We have prepared identification keys for groups of species or genera that look similar to each other. The keys are a set of photographs on which key characters are either marked and described, or the images are simply juxtaposed in such a manner that the interspecific differences are obvious even to a beginner. Let us know if there are any species about which you are confused, and we will try to add identification keys for those species here. You may also want to see the complete list of species pages on this website.

6. Appias albina – Appias libythea: Dattaprasad Sawant, created 2017/04/24.
5. Charaxes athamasCharaxes agrarius: Rohan Lovalekar, created 2013/11/30.
4. Bhutanitis – Bhutan Glory: Gaurav Agavekar and Krushnamegh Kunte, created 2012/11/07.
3. Chersonesia – Maplets: Rohan Lovalekar, created 2011/08/14.
2. Tirumala and Parantica – "Blue" Tigers: Rohan Lovalekar and Gaurav Agavekar, created 2011/08/01.
1. Abisara – Judies: Krushnamegh Kunte and Rohan Lovalekar, created 2011/08/01.


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