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The following butterfly-watching spots have been particularly well-represented on the Butterflies of India website. You can search for species, images, best seasons to visit, and other details about these hot spots by following the advanced search for the locality.

Namdapha National Park:

Pakke Tiger Reserve:

Baghmara Reserve Forest:

Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary:

Buxa Tiger Reserve:

Sanjiv Gandi National Park, Mumbai:

Ovalekarwadi, Thane: This is a very nice private butterfly garden developed by Rajendra Ovalekar, which is open to public with a small entree fee. Ovalekarwadi also hosted the Biodiversity Atlas – India's 2nd Biodiversity Marathon on 17 December 2017. Contributor more images from this locality and continue to keep this as a hot spot on our distribution maps! Advance search this hot spot.

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