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Indian Butterfly Distributions ("Distributions" in the tab menu above) is the most interactive and data-intensive module of Butterflies of India. It is based on the same concept as BirdSpot developed by L. Shyamal, but implemented online. Registered users are able to upload their image-based butterfly spot records or trip/regional checklists (this module will be launched soon) in a standard format, which are entered in a centralized database after peer-review of the submitted records. Information from the database can then be used by anyone to generate distributional maps for individual butterfly species, or to generate checklists of specific localities based on queries input by the users. An estimated over 2,00,000 butterfly spot records have already been committed to this database by members of the Butterflies of India team and other contributors. If you have data on butterfly occurrences or have prepared regional butterfly checklists that you would like to share with others, or if you have any experience with GIS/web-GIS and would like to help us in further developing this module, please contact us.

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Kunte, K. 2018. Indian Butterfly Distributions. In Kunte, K., S. Sondhi, and P. Roy (Chief Editors). Butterflies of India, v. 2.35. Indian Foundation for Butterflies.

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