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We very much welcome your contributions in the form of media files (photographs, videos, line drawings, etc.). These files could show distinctive characteristics of a butterfly species, or its morphological variation, habits, habitat, early stages (eggs, caterpillars and pupae), and so on. The media files will form a bulk of the species pages and most of our user contributions.

You can also contribute species pages to this website, but first read guidelines to do so.

Following are the guidelines that we request the potential contributors to follow while submitting their material. If this is the first time you are considering contributing to Butterflies of India, please read the guidelines in their entirety before submitting your files and associated information. Also, review the media guide at the bottom of this page.

(1) As far as possible, please submit original media files.

This will help members of the Butterfly Biology Team to check EXIF data and confirm identifications, dates of photo creation, etc., and help the Media Management Team to create the highest quality images possible in our prescribed format. If you are not submitting original files, submit files that are at least 1,000 pixels wide.

(2) Submit all the information associated  with your media files.

At a minimum, we request the following information: (a) Precise locality where the picture was taken. If the picture was taken in a wildlife sanctuary or national park, mention that information specifically. If the picture was taken in a place without a specific name, mention the general locality, nearest town, and state. (b) Correct date on which the picture was taken. We can usually take this information from the EXIF data associated with the images. However, many people don't know this so they never enter correct date and time on their cameras; hence, EXIF data can sometimes be misleading. (c) Name of the copyright holder for individual media files. It is all right if you are submitting files on behalf of someone else, provided that the original copyright holders are aware that you are submitting the files for this website and they have explicitly granted you permission to submit the images on their behalf. This will ensure that we will not use someone's copyrighted material without their knowledge and express permission. Generally, we encourage people to submit only their own copyrighted material. (d) If you know it, mention the English or scientific name of the species. It is OK if you don't know the name of the butterfly, but then try to submit either original or very high resolution files. High-resolution files, in which we can blow up the images and check markings of butterflies in relation to their wing veins, are best for identification.

Please take submission of the associated information seriously. A media file without associated data is not useful to us at all. In fact, we may entirely discard the media files that are submitted without the complete information. Here is a sample of the associated information that we need with every media file, in its ideal format:

(Sub)species name (OK if missing or incomplete): Appias nero galba  Indian Orange Albatross

Place: Deban Rest House, Namdapha National Park, Arunachal Pradesh, India

Date: 2007/05/24 (we prefer either a  yyyy/mm/dd or a  24 May 2007 format)

Copyright: Krushnamegh Kunte

(3) Do not write anything on the media files. We will add all the information, including copyrght statement and associated data, to each file after formatting your file in our prescribed style.

Your media files will be formatted to fit the prescribed dimensions and style for this website. Usually, this will mean that the media will be formatted to 700 pixels in width, including margins. Please do not put your name/copyright line or other information on the pictures or videos themselves. We will add this information, including name of the copyright holder, to the media files before uploading the files on the website. Each media file will also be given a unique media code by which it will be identified. In case you or someone else wants to refer to your specific media file, the unique media code will be used as the digital object identifier. We will maintain a database of the media files to keep track of the contributors and their contributions. The database will be made available on the website for the benefit of everyone. When posted on the species page, all picture files will appear 345 pixels in width. When clicked, these files will open in their full 700 pixels-wide dimension. All this is explained in the media guide below, and samples of how this works can be seen on any species page (look under the "Photo Gallery" tab on species pages, and click on any picture).

(4) Email your contributions to Gaurav Agavekar or Rohan Lovalekar, and copy to Krushnamegh Kunte.

Currently we are working on an online submission system for the contributors. Once this system is ready, you will be able to contribute your files online and we will be able to process them much more efficiently. This will streamline the peer-review and media management process. Until then, please email all your files to Rohan and Gaurav, who are leading the Krushnamegh Kunte.

(5) After submission, each and every media file will be checked for accuracy of identification and associated data by members of the Butterfly Biology Team.

 This applies to all the media files, even those contributed by the most reliable butterfly biologists in India. Such peer review is critical in maintaining high standards of information on the website. Please check your contributions once they appear online. If you disagree with species determination by the Butterfly Biology Team members, write to us to know our reasons. Otherwise update the associated information that you had noted in your own database (if you maintain one) from the file information that appears on the website.

We look forward to your contributions to this free, citizen-contributed, peer-reviewed encyclopedia of Indian butterflies. Thank you very much for your help in building this reference. We are all working to build this website on a voluntary basis but, as a team, we are working almost round the clock to process your media files and put them online. So please be patient if your files do not appear online immediately. Peer review sometimes takes time, but it is an important step. If you have any questions about your submissions, please contact the three people mentioned above under point (4). Also, we will appreciate it a lot if you work with us to format your own images, provided that you have the time and also access to some image-processing software. For your convenience, we have an Media Management Team is happy to process your images  for the website.

Media guide: sample media file with its associated information as it will appear online:



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