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Given below is a brief history of the Butterflies of India web versions. The website version numbers were haphazard in the beginning since we forgot to update the version numbers while we were busy developing and expanding the website. However, from the late 2015 we are following stricter guidelines in maintaining web version numbers so that the website users can cite the proper version in their scientific papers and other writings. The rule of thumb is that we will update website versions by 0.01 every time we upload new 1,000 reference images, and update versions by 0.1 when we cross every 100th species page or early stages. We will update versions by 1 when there are major developments in the website structure or content. So far, the progress has been as follows:

2017/04/01v. 2.28: Crossed 35,000 reference images.
2017/01/01v. 2.27: Crossed 34,000 reference images.
2016/10/27v. 2.26: Crossed 33,000 reference images.
2016/09/09 – v. 2.25: Crossed 32,000 reference images.
2016/07/31v. 2.24: Crossed 31,000 reference images.
2016/04/25v. 2.23: Crossed 30,000 reference images.
2016/02v. 2.22: Crossed 29,000 reference images.
2015/11v. 2.21: Crossed 900 species pages, and 28,000 reference images.
2015/02v. 2.1: Crossed 800 species pages, 300 lifecycles, and 21,000 reference images.
2013/07v. 2.0: Website moved to a new, exclusive code written for the website, many more features added, including the mapping module.
2012/12v. 1.5: Crossed 700 species pages, 200 lifecycles, and 15,000 reference images.
2012/03v. 1.4: Crossed 600 species pages, 200 life cycles, and 12,000 reference images.
2011/09v. 1.3: Crossed 500 species pages, 175 lifecycles, and 8,500 images.
2011/07v. 1.2: Crossed 400 species pages.
2011/02v. 1.1: Crossed 200 species pages.
2010/02v. 1.0: The Butterflies of India website launched.

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Kunte, K. 2017. A History Of The Butterflies Of India Web Versions. In Kunte, K., S. Sondhi, and P. Roy (eds.). Butterflies of India, v. 2.28. Indian Foundation for Butterflies.

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